Binelli-Ferman Duo – Demo

Daniel Binelli’s Homage to Tango
Double concerto for piano, bandoneon & orchestra

Daniel Binelli & Polly Ferman
Maria de Buenos Aires




“With Binelli and Ferman’s teamwork, one missed none of the nostalgia, lyrical passion and throbbing dance rhythms that mark Piazzolla’s works.”

“The two musicians engaged in ravishing improvisatory flights of fancy that spelled pure jazz.”

“Masterly wedding of authentic native impulses in the context of a refined classical construction.”

“The transition from the voice of one instrument to the other is imperceptible, smooth and fluid. Polly’s pianissimos become rich echoes in the fine breath of Daniel’s accordion and vice versa. Mature teamwork is evidenced in the performance of this Duo, whose synergy is undeniable: the anticipation of the other’s interpretive emotion is no longer guesswork.”
Salvador De Maria y Campos Q. (Mexico) Special Contributor,
Festival Internacional Cervantino, Guanajuato, México

“Celebrating the release of new CD, New Tango Vision, Ferman played solo piano for an impassioned interpretation of Oblivion, yet without overstating the emotion or edge this work can inspire. Kudos to Binelli and Ferman for this rapturous concert of contemporary tango.”

This is fully orchestral tango incorporating not only the progressive tango style which revolutionized the genre, but also the rich, classical tradition of Latin American composers and other Latin American musical forms such as the milonga and candombe. Featuring and highlighting the piano and bandoneon, the Montevideo Philharmonic sparkles with the rich, full-bodied color that only an orchestra can deliver. Sprinkling the album with some lilting waltzes, Orquestango explodes with passion wrapped up in red satin flair.
Tamara Turner